Our Eco Ethos

As an individual passionate about animals, our planet and mind-body-soul connection, In Nature's Name was established to find like-minded, eco-conscious souls so that together we can help take our planet in the right direction.

Health and well-being is a major focus in my life, and is therefore another huge aspect my business is centred around. That's why making products free from nasty toxins was paramount when sourcing the materials I would use.

Let's start with our soy wax blend...

Derived from soybean, soy wax is a hydrogenated vegetable oil. It contains nothing artificial, which makes it superior to the old-fashioned paraffin wax, which is made from petroleum oil; producing harmful by-products when burned, damaging the health of yourself and your loved ones (including your furry friends!)

The toxins also contribute negatively to the environment.

Soy wax is non-toxic; making it better both for the environment and your health!

Don't buy cheap...

When shopping for your favourite home fragrance scents, the deciding factor may come down to the price, but are you really aware of what you're burning?

Burning paraffin wax (along with artificial colourants and harmful oils) gives off benzene, which is classed as a carcinogen - a substance that promotes the growth of cancer.

Not to scare you or anything... but it's important to check what nasties your allowing into your mind, body and soul.

Soy wax is safe for everyone...

Since soy wax is made from soy beans, it's a renewable source. Not only this, but it also delivers a cleaner burn, meaning you won't get the headaches or stuffy chest feeling that's normally associated with chemicals that come from paraffin smoke.

You want to avoid wax blends that don't state the exact breakdown of ingredients especially so i you're pregnant, or have kids and/or pets.

But what about the fragrance oils?

This was the trickiest one to source. But after relentless research, we found our perfect match!

We found a brilliant sustainable company that manufactures them in the UK - without any yucky parabens.

All of the oils used are of course cruelty-free and vegan friendly (as with all of our materials); absolutely no animals were tested on in the manufacturing process nor were any animal derivatives used.

Stay away from the parabens!

Parabens are man-made preservatives (although there are some natural sources too) made of a group of compounds, which are used as preservatives in pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products and within the food industry.

Studies have indicated parabens disrupt hormones and can lead to cell proliferation, which eventually leads to cancer.

This is because parabens may be carcinogenic, meaning they either fuel the growth of existing cancer cells through estrogenic activity or they transform healthy cells into cancer cells.

As well as other harmful contributes to our health and well-being, studies ave also shown parabens to be associated with low sperm count and decreased testosterone levels. This occured in very small doses of paraben exposure.

Okay, so if i've not caught your attention by now, I'm not sure what will... perhaps biodegradable glitter made from plant cellulose?

Litter-free glitter!

Most glitter is made from aluminium or plastic.

We use glitters made from a plant cellulose; mainly from sustainably sourced eucalyptus.

They won't biodegrade whilst in the solid wax, but once you start to burn your wax melts, the hot liquid will begin deteriorating the glitter, and they'l completely dissolve within 90 days!

Plant-powered packaging...

If you're not already aware, one of our biggest ethos here at In Nature's Name is the use of plastic-free packaging!

That's why all of our products are beautifully packaged in recyclable cardboard, finished off with biodegradable stickers and hemp twine.

Ribbon contains plastic and most twine is made from conventional cotton, meaning it's most likely genetically modified and indefinitely grown with a huge amount of toxic pesticides - which is a massive no-go for us!

Now let's talk about the biodegradable packing peanuts... literal magic!

Most protective packaging is made from plastic that takes hundreds of years to even begin to degrade in a landfill environment.

However, our packing peanuts are made from naturally derived starches like wheat and cornstarch and they dissolve pretty much instantly when in contact with water.

Seriously, try it next time you order from our store, hold one under the tap and watch it disappear!

The price of plants...

If you're still reading, thank you!

I'd just like to finish off making a final note about our prices.

The home fragrance market is saturated, and finding a good bargain isn't hard. But what price are you willing to pay for the good of your own heath as well as the planets?

Our prices reflect the sustainably sourced, high-quality materials that are designed to give you the best burning experience, without any cost to your health and well-being.

From one eco-conscious soul to another, thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read all about our materials and how they work with our planet, instead of against it.

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